Day 8 - Sunday 21st April 2013

Mivumoni 4

After a long but enjoyable mass (lots of music) the Sunday School gathered in the library.

Jacob and Lucy chat to Sister Grace

Maggy with local friends.

Maggy, her aunt and her mum.

The church.

At Vero's place near the church, with her husband and baby Teresa.

Jacob and I took tea with Sister Pernina of the St Joseph sisters.

Lucy gives scale to these huge leaves.

Modelling with the Congo-registered car Jacob has brought to collect us.

Blue sky, fluffy clouds, coconut palm.

Jacob rests before the drive.

Lucy's shoes in the mud.

Kennedy and the fruit.

Mama brings a paw paw.

Ndunge brings ugali for lunch.



Time for goodbyes.

Lucy driving?

Lovely blue water lilies by the road to Msambweni.

The road to Base Titanium - one of the best roads in Kenya.

Michael hosted us on a brief visit to the mess area.

They feed hundreds of people per meal.

The construction base.

The factory being built.

Hi-vis is mandatory.

The junior mess.

The recreation area.

And then back via Likoni to Shanzu, supper in Mtwapa, and to bed.

Today's route