Day 7 - Saturday 20th April 2013

Mivumoni 3

Agostino cuts cassava stems ready for planting.

Cattle eat the cassava leaves.

Mike peels cassave to eat raw (we had it cooked for breakfast).

Salim weaves a mat.

Lucy models her new clothes.

A new well is being dig for the community near the shamba - the community dug the first 10 feet, then the authorities adopted it.

Neighbours' kids.

One of the lemon trees that were seedlings last year - nearly ready for grafting orange tops on them.

Agostino things the trees, the thinnings will be planted elsewhere, there is no waste.

Ndunge makes mounds to plant cassava in.

My turn.

The boys distribute the cuttings.

Kennedy shows me which way up to plant the cutting.

Lucy caught Virginia Ndunge smiling.

Back through the banana plants.

Mike ready to return to work.

At maggy's for lunch, the steam and smoke ooze from the thatched kitchen.


Coconut palms.

Maggy's shamba.

Today's route