Day 6 - Friday 19th April 2013

Mivumoni 2

A rainy night and rainy morning, water running through the homestead.

View from the boys' house.

Cattle in the rain.

Raindrops on the thatch.

Not sure whether to come out!

The sandy soil is now muddy!

The bathroom - got a natural shower today!

The loo - at the end of a slippery path!

The maize likes the rain.

Lucy fetches water.

Ducks like it.

Lunch is served.

Network is very limited in the shamba...

Lucy's dad, Michael, came home and we went for a Tusker (or 3).

The view from Matheus Mutua's new pub.

Maggy met her brother, who'd been on the palm wine.

The end of the day approaches.

Lucy cooking, again.


"Familia yote" - the whole family

Me with the family.

Michael and Agreypina gave me presents to take home. (Asante)