Day 3 - Tuesday 16th April 2013

CLP and Mtwapa

Back at Community Light Project, chatting to the clients.

Checking in.

A good deal of sitting around is invovled, but it's a good time to chat.

The sponsored youngsters are bringing in their school reports and are proud of their achievements, and seem to really enjoy learning.

After a matatu ride to Mtwapa and lunch, we met Daniel (another of the Mivumoni youth) who now lives here. He showed us the rabbits and chickens they keep.

"This is my place now".

Daniel's host family.

We walked to Mtwapa beach, bougainvillea against the blue sky.

The beach.

Boats in the creek.

Daniel, Maggy and Stephen (on the top).

Copa Cobana beach bar

A huge tree

Winnie and her friend.

We watched the opening of the new parliament.

With the family.

Today's route