Day 2 - Monday 15th April 2013

Community Light Project

Today we visited the Community Light Project, which assists women and children afflicted with HIV in many ways, tryin to help them out of the poverty trap. Eddie gave an overview of the many levels on which they work.

We did a couple of home visits, one of the 2 Chinese interns was befriended by a client's daughter.

The son, disabled after suffering from meningitis, needs constant attention, so mum cannot work.

This little girl is 4.5 years old, but tiny from malnutrition. Her mother left her father (and the baby), the father then left the baby with another lady and never returned. That lady cares for her, but has enough health problems of her own.

Cultivation at CLP's HQ (the old Bush Bar).

The posho mill where clients can grind their maize into flour; the project also sell flour and other products to raise funds.

Making jewelry from paper - old election posters in this case.

The project board on the roadside in Shanzu. The project is centrally placed and accessible to many.

Shimo La Tewa prison have donated some land opposite for the project to cultivate.

Nicholas, Eddy's brother, who was also Maggy's classmate at Mivumoni High.

Mtwapa Creek, near Joe's house in Majaoni.

A little girl at the not-yet-finished bar above the creek.

Boys swimming in the creek.

One of many fishponds dug in the mud.

Paw paw flowers - soon to be juicy fruit!

Today's route