Day 14 - Saturday 27th April 2013

Bamburi Nature Trail

Just before we set out the heavens opened, turning the sandy tracks to mud and puddles.

We traveled by matatu to Bambury Nature Trails, part of the same quarry that contains Haller Park.

The wapwani soon wanted a rest!

There are lots of trees and lakes, shady on a hot day (today wasn't hot, and it kept raining on and off!)

There were huge numbers of millipedes, going forth and multiplying.


Big rock at the centre of the park.

There aren't many big animals, but you get quite close to those that are here.

After-walk refreshments.

Cheeky monkey...

In the butterfly house (well, there weren't many butterflies to see!)

Creatures on the roof...

And finally... some butterflies.

Today's route