Day 8 - Sunday 17th April 2011

Mivumoni and Shimoni

Yesterday's rain has rought out the insects and in turn there are lots of swallows swooping around the place today.

It's Palm Sunday so Mass starts outside the church - those who have assembled inside proceed to the gathering point.

Everyone gathers around the pile of palms, which Fr Joe blesses.

Everyone takes a branch and the processsion begins.

Past the dispensary.

Between the few parked vehicles.

Inside the church decorated in red.

The church is quite full, and lots of youngsters.

Lots of different palm-based creations - this one a cross on a lanyard.

This couple asked to be pictured with the sisters.

Lucy and Imelda talk to one of the sisters.

Sister Sarah takes us to see the Franciscans' shamba.

They have a little wooden house, with a chapel.

We were supplied with paw paw and passion juice.

Then a tour of the shamba passion seedlings.

Sister Sarah and her passion fruit.

An avocado tree.

Newly-planted orange trees (200 of them, plus 100 tangerine).

Some of the men who work the shamba.

Bio-diesel tree.

Sister Sarah gives us some huge paw paws.

Back at Joe's, Willy is cooking.

The builder - and shelves in the library.

Lucy and Lucy in their Sunday best.

Some of the boys from nearby (2 are Willy's cousins).

At last, the books for the library have arrived!

A late afternoon trip to Shimoni - beautiful flowers.

And in close-up.

Taking the view in the setting sun.

A dhow - and a hill in Tanzania behind Wasini Island.

Pretty skies.

Some fishermen set out to work.

The skies get more stunning.

After a party with the sisters, the young men play cards.

Jaob catches up on the news.

Map of today's activities.