Day 8 - Saturday 16th April 2011

Diani Beach

A slightly leisurely start after last night's pub evening. It has rained heavily and all yesterday's washing was still out. Oops! But the rain is welcome and necessary. Eventully we all board the borrrowed van and head to Ukunda - Charlie, Luke and Daniel tak a matatu to Mombasa to collect the books for the library. We do some chores in Ukunda, have a pleasant lunch, then pick Simon and Sam from their hotel and head to Diani Reef Hotel for a drink and a swim.

From the bar by the beach we see a bird in the tree - it's probably a cormorant, but we nickname it a Kenyan Tree Penguin.

Then it flies away.

We took a long luxurious swim in the warm ocean, then a walk around the hotel grounds. These tree penguins had taken to the rocks.

A heron doing Tai Chi on the roof.

Weaver birds flying upside down to build their nests.

Are you looking at me?

A mock boat on the beach.

A weaver bird the right way up.

Giant chess set.

Heron in a tree.

More weaver birds.

The walkway through the hotel grounds - very shady.

The beach next door.

Diani Reef's beach.

Map of today's activities.