Day 7 - Friday 15th April 2011

Mivumoni and Magodi

A quiet walk around the compound, and some interesting flora - this flower on a dead-looking tree.

A very chatty bird in the tree by the terrace.

He's the only bird that stayed still long enough to be photographed.

Lucy and Lucy do loads of washing for us all.

I can't see this detergent selling in the UK.

Another pretty flower.

Meld relaxes with her book under the flame tree.

The cactus is about to burst into flower.

More flowers around the place.

At the sisters' place the workmen have dimantled the charcoal pile and are cooling it all off.

Daniel's contribution to the washing is to wash Charlie.

After lunch, Aid Meld and Charlie set off with Daniel to visit Daniel's famiy home in Magodi. We go on foot, as most people would around here.

Charlie gets a snap of Daniel.

It was quite a walk.

Our route passed the two boreholes we helped get restored in 2009. One (at Michugwani) had recenty stopped working and is awaiting an engineer on Monday, the other is working well.

Nursey school opposite the second borehole at Mwembeni.

Daniel hugs his mum when we arrive at their home.

Daniel's auntie and mum.

We sat under the shade of this leafy tree.

Daniel's mum is a member of a women's cooperative making rafia mats, and the women were working here today.

We were served tea - sweet and smokey - on a mat.

Daniel's brother Titus and cousin Justus bring the water.

Their neighbour keeps sheep.

Meld enjoys her tea.

Aid shares pictures on the laptop.

A group photo before we leave.

We passed by Daniel's old Maths teacher's home and saw his cattle.

The sun was setting as we headed home.

Zoombo Hill.

After supper we headed to the pub in Shimba Hills, but like most pub photos they are best omitted!

Map of today's activities.