Day 6 - Thursday 14th April 2011

Mombasa, Diani, Ukunda. Mivumoni

Joe was up early, took the truck to the garage, returned with Jacob and a hire car. Then we headed south - via the garage (where the truck was dismantled), the Cathedral and the Likoni Ferry to Diani for the Rotary Club's weekly meeting. From there to Nakumatt for shopping, then Ukunda for meat and vegtables, and Msambweni for mangoes (see below) and Kwakswell for Tusker.

Meld and I went for a walk in the day's last light: first stop, the library.

Then down past Lucy's shamba and on, along a pleasant path towards the setting sun.

One of the few wild flowers we've seen.

Zoombo hill.

Biksa pods, used to make dye.

Mivuma trees against the setting sun.

Apple mangoes growing by the path.

One of Lucy's family's calves.

We met Lucy and went with her as she fetched water. The involves leaning into a cistern fed by a spring and filling a container.

Container filled, Lucy ties a kikoi to it as a sling..

She then carries this heavy load on her back the 500m back to the shamba - and they have to do this 3 times a day.

Last light behind the trees.

Map of today's activities.