Day 5 - Wednesday 13th April 2011


Breakfast - a time to upload pictures in the background and give Ed the URL.

We're off the visit Joe's extended family near Mariakani, dropping Charlie and Luke and Daniel in Mombasa on our way.

We were welcomed by Joe's parents and aunt, lots of cousins, and here his youngest sister Elizabeth.

After lunch we were taken on a tour of the shamba, our guides including these youngsters.

Joe' brother David, who travelled from Shanzu with us, was chief guide.

They are desperately hoping for rain - the dam is nearly empty.

This baobab tree was planted on a grave many years ago - it makes a really big "gravestone".

More of our guides.

Various homes within the shamba.

Everyone was keen to have their photo taken.

Joe's aunt and mum.

Joe's dad.

Mums feeding the little ones.

The neighbouring shamba - you can just see the flags out for a wedding this weekend.


And so we set out home - but unfortunately has a mishap on the way back, and ended up back at Mariakani Police Post for several hours, but we eventually left and limped the truck back to Shanzu for a late supper and bed.

Map of today's activities.