Day 4 - Tuesday 12th April 2011


Diana and Annie are off home - so it's time for more farewells.

Concrete blocks ready to build a priests' house at Kikambala.

After dropping "the mums" at the airport, we stopped at Chaani, for a cup of coffee and a chat with Fr Joe's friend Fr Henry (diocesan education officer). This is the church...

...and this the priests' house.

Driving on to Mikindani, we were stuck behind this family moving house - everything on the back of a pickup.

Fr Michael was keen for us to see everything on their compound, which was set up when the area around was designated for low-cost housing to move people off Mombasa Island. However, wealthy landlords bought up the houes and replaced them with higher density blocks. The church was to provide social facilities (school, polytechnic, dispensary).

Visit to a class similar in age to Meld's.

Professional interest is aroused.

A child in the youngest class reads letters from the blackboard.

The bigger children.

Meld talks to the class - she didn't get on too well with chalk and blackboard, technology not found in UK schools these days.

The children were all keen to shake hands or "high five". They seemed pleased to have visitors - though when asked what they would tell ther parents about us one lad piped up "wazungu" ("white people")!

The principal of the polytechnic prepares to show us around.

Welding workshop.

Woodwork room.

The tailoring and woodwork room - the lady was making robes for altar servers.

The motor workshops.

We were shown around the dispensary - the sister in charge very pleased with the award they recently won "awarded to CBHC Mikindani for their exemplary efforts in the implementation of AIDS Relief activities"

The church - it's big and regularly full.

The shrine of their patron saint, St Mathias Mulumba, one of the Ugandan martyrs.

Inside the church.

Wall painting.

After lunch provided by Fr Michael we headed into the city, doing some chores around the cathedral, then headed to Nakumatt in Nyali for "tangawizi chai" (ginger tea) and, in Meld's case, apple pie and ice cream.

After a leisurely cuppa, we headed north to Mtwapa and Kendas Falls Bar, where we met frieds of Joe and drank copious amounts whilst watching the football. By the end of the evening, Joe dragged Meld up to dance, before we staggered home.

Map of today's activities.