Day 2 - Sunday 10th April 2011

Mivumoni Library

Eddie and Sherif show Meld the well that Sherif and Robert (in the background) have dug - by hand.

The well is 76 feet deep, and now has water at the bottom!

On our walk around the plots we found cashew nuts growing.

Waiting for Jacob and the car, we watched geckos on the wall.

One of the colourful birds around here - a "katsetsenzere" in Giriama.

Jacob eventually managed to sort out transport and drove us south, first to the Likoni Ferry.

When we turned off the highway at Msambweni, we found ourselves in the middle of a wedding party!

At the church, Charlie and Luke and their mums Diana and Annie were introduced to the parish. Charlie and Luke have raised money to build and stock the village library being opened today.

We all proceed to the library.

Charlie and Luke perform the opening ceremony.

Meld and Lucy meet up after 2 years..

Inside the library - painted, but the doors and shelves are "coming soon", as are the books (which rather needs shelves!).

Joe has had an old water tank converted into an office - Lucy and Meld pose in front of it.

Meld chats with Charlie and Luke in the lull between the ceremony and lunch.

Fr Joe is interviewed by Bertina from the Diocesan Media Centre - the library featured in April Habari Zetu (their diocesan magazine). [June 2011 - website is down]

The St Joseph Sisters' cat sleeps on their back porch.

Willie has a day off as others are cooking the festive lunch today.

Hey, I'm cool!.

And I'm shy!

The table for lunch is brought over.

Lunch cooking on a wood fire.

Aid poses with the cooks.

The little ones enjoy their food.

Walking down to Lucy's shamba with Lucy's dad, Michael.

Michael shows us a Neem tree, reputed to cure 40 diseases.

The chickens - keen to see if we have food.

Casava plants.

Oranges growing - just some of the fruit they grow on the shamba.

Michael decapitates a coconut so that we can drink the milk.

Bananas as you never see them in Tescos.

Pineapple - before Lucy's mum picked it for us.

With the whole family before our walk back in the dark.

Time for a Tusker.

The moon shines down on us.

Dinner time.

Map of today's activities.