Day 16 - Sunday 24th April 2011

Leaving Mivumoni

Our last day - and Joe's last Sunday as parish priest of Mivumoni, also Easter Sunday, marked by a packed Mass and a farewell party for Joe.

Mzungu slept on the roof of the truck (out of the rain).

The ladies had been up all night cooking (and chatting) ready for the feast.

Inside the kitchen, huge pots of food.

Peeling spuds.

Stirring the brew.

Raindrops on the flowers.

Fetching water - at least here it's not to far to the tap connected to Joe's cistern.

A very wet terrace.

The church decorated for Easter.

And full of people!

Fr Joe celebrating his last Sunday mass as parish priest of Mivumoni.

Part of the Lord's Prayer


People chatting outside the church while the interior is reorganised.

Lucy with some of her old schoolfriends.

The ladies waiting to escort Joe to the church.

Come out Fr Joe!!

The procession

Decorating the guest of honour.

Song and dance group

Joe is presented with a mzee's walking stick

Athanasia points outthe details - Joe's name, a crucifix, and Mivumoni on the shaft.

Different groups and individuals brought up gifts.

Gifts included a sheep and 2 goats, and a couple of chickens.

Everyone had to congratulate Joe

The ladies brought a suitcase...

...and everyone wanted a hand on it as it was passed over.

More congratulations

With the "youth"

Various speeches were made - my kiswahili is no good, but you can guess what they were saying "Hongera Fr Kengah"

Lucy and Lucy carry the gifts to the house.

VIPs in the porch awaiting lunch at Joe's table.

And then it was time for our dash to the airport - the kids on the wall of the carport waving us goodbye

Of course, the journey (as we'd allowed lots of time) went smoothly and we had time to buy fruits and lesos in Ukunda and enjoy a Tusker or tea at the airport before saying a sad farewell to Joe and Jacob. Journey home then uneventful.

There are some more pictures on Facebook (you can see this without joining Facebook).

Map of today's activities.