Day 15 - Saturday 23rd April 2011

Mivumoni - Easter Vigil

The library storeroom now has a door and a secure lock.

Heavy rain started about 5am, very welcome.

The interior of the library has been partially painted now.

David and Fr Joe in the store room.

The new text books organised on the shelves - although they don't look very many when they are spread out like this!

The church porch looks a long way away through the rain!

So lets shelter under the library roof.

No -time to dash.

A more sensible approach - Daniel being the gentleman.

Lucy Mweni was sorting through photos for Fr Joe (packing up his belongings) and found this one of Lucy Mbithi from a few years back.

Driving to Msambweni, the rice fields look glad of the rain.

The birds appreciate it too.

Can't quite imagine this school title appearing in UK!

We stopped at Kwakswell (where Joe likes to stock up on Tusker)

... as I mentioned (but this was mine, Joe had a soda).

Termite damage.

Then to Ukunda, some souvenir shopping, and lunch.

Back at Mivumoni, Willie was preparing supper (part of the cow slaughtered for tomorrow's feast).

Jacob and Aid take tea in the setting sun - our last evening in Kenya.

Sunset from Joe's terrace.

Lucy Mweni peeps round the kitchen door.

After supper it was time for the Easter Vigil Mass - starting with the new fire.

People gathered round the fire.

Lighting the Easter Candle from the fire

After Mass we retired to the house for drinks.

Sister Bernina was appalled that we'd finished a whole bottle of wine! (The sisters were drinking sodas)

Daniel and Jacob.

The sisters...

And so to bed - Happy Easter all!

Map of today's activities.