Day 14 - Friday 22nd April 2011

Back to Mivumoni

Aid was up early - soon after first light - determined to walk down and see the Mtwapa Creek before we left Shanzu. It's a tidal inlet with lots of mangrove.

These fishponds are used to rear fish and prawns (separateley).

The fishermen's canoes in the early sun.

Strange holes bored in the mud - crabs or rodents?

There were lots of tiny crabs which scuttled off into their holes in the mud when you approached.

The sun is rising in the sky.

I've had trouble snapping butterflies all trip - this one stayed still, maybe I just to get out early more often.

The creek surrounds this headland on 3 sides.

So peaceful...

A fisherman sets out.

A strange plant - bit like a tree fern, but spikey not fern-like.

Back at the house, we shared breakfast, then it was time for farewells.

We spent quite a time in Mombasa and Ukunda doing various chores. Back at Mivumoni, the power was off, so the sisters' ironing had to be done at Joe's using generator power.

After lunch we headed to the road junction to start Stations of the Cross, passing the library with its newly-fitted door.

Meld and Athanasia chat as we walk to the start.

The first station.

It looks idyllic, but the sun was fierce. Surprisingly the locals seemed to feel it more than us, but I was wearing my trusty Tilley hat.

Up through the trees.

Approaching the church.

The service continued in the church (the Passion reading in kiswahili is a bit long!) then back to the house for tea.

Map of today's activities.