Day 13 - Thursday 21st April 2011

Nyeri to Mombasa

A peacock joined us for breakfast.

The breakfast terrace was so appealing, it was hard to drag ourselves away.

Meld and Clearwater Bear on the balcony.

We hope to...

An ox cart (we also saw donkey carts).

On the back of a very battered truck.

We retraced our route using the new Eastern Bypass around Nairobi. This is where the bypass will eventually join the Mombasa road.

Road works at Athi River (new bridge over the river).

One of the many buses heading from Nairobi towards Mombasa - all well laden.

Acacia trees in Tsavo National Park.

A crashed petrol tanker - luckily no apparent leak and no fire. We saw a couple of other accidents, one pretty horrendous. Not surprising with a single carriageway road carrying a mix of slow lorries, faster lorries, buses, cars etc.

Fr Francis makes a phone call from within a paw paw tree.

Some of the many stalls that line the road at various points, selling all sorts of goods and produce.

An interesting hill to the north of the road.

At speed humps, people try to sell you things. Here it was onions and tomatoes.

On we go.

Baskets for sale near Sultan Hamud.

Cattle and goats herded alongside the highway.

In Tsavo there were loads of baobab trees.

More hills and interesting clouds.

As I was snoozing, Fr Francis shouted "Look". I managed to point and shoot, but it's a bit blurry!

Loads of trucks in one of the villages that straddle the road between Voi and Mombasa.

Eventually, some 12 hours after setting out, we reached Mombasa, ate Nyama Choma, and returned to Shanzu - our last night in Shanzu :-(

Map of today's activities.

Downhill to the Tana river, up again to Nairobi, then downhill all the way to the coast!