Day 11 - Tuesday 19th April 2011

Mombasa to Nairobi

Time to say farewell to Luke and Charlie - a final team photo inside...

...and one outside.

Farewells to the "Shanzu Crew".

Tucking Daniel in the back.

Heading out of Mombasa we saw a Magadi Soda train - mandatory picture for Julian.

View back over Mikindini docks.

Farewell to Simon and Sam in the airport.

Near Mazeres we saw another train...

...with two locomotives.

The Nairobi road is pretty chaotic - slow trucks, mad matatus, and poor surfaces.

Many charcoal sellers alongside the road.

A significant hill to the south.

The road towards the Sagala Hills near Voi.

Another hill near Voi.

At Voi we were welcomed by Fr Alouis Ngoma.

With some of the youth of the parish.

Fathers Francis, Joe and Alouis - Francis is driving us to Nyeri.

Fr Francis and the younsters.

It took a while to get past several massive loads like these.

Hills alongside the road.

In parts the road had suffered severely.

More hills.

And then = a stunning view of Kilimanjaro.

Yet more hills.

A stop for fruit at Emali.

The sun goes down.

And then, in darkness, into the outskirts of Nairobi, to Francis' nephew's house, where we are spending the night.

Map of today's activities.

Track profile shows the big climb from Mombasa to Nairobi