Day 1 - Saturday 9th April 2011

(Ropley to) Shanzu and Kikambala

Tilly once again wanted to come with us..

Packed, we drove to Heathrow where Clearwater Bear made his first appearance.

An uneventful flight to Nairobi, we got a bit of sleep. Then off, through immigration, collect our bags, a cup of coffee, then we joined the queue for Unit 3 for our flight to Mombasa.

As we flew south east we were treated to good views of Kilimanjaro.

Joe's brother Jacob met us at the airport and drove us to Joe's new house at Shanzu, where we were offered coconut milk to drink.

The corner shop opposite Joe's house.

We were then driven up to Joe's new parish at Kikambala. This is the sisters' house, currently occupied by the priest and his assistant,as the priest's house has been demolished.

The church.

The stunning "flame tree".

A small building housing a water tank, catching rainfall from the church roof.

The nursery school.

Workmen at work on the new church.

Jacob, Meld and Eddie surveying the compound.

Workmen prepare the reinforcing for the concrete beams.

Preparing the walls for the new beam.

Supporting the previous beams.

Aid looking inside the church.

The new church from outside.

The sign boards.

Inside the old church.

All that's left of the priest's house.

We then headed south the Jumba Ruins. We started in the museum.

Colourful flowers.

Among the ruins were some amazing ancient baobab trees.

Ruins - this Swahili town dates back 2,000 years.

Among the ruins.

Geckos on the wall.

Amazing ruins.

The ruins run down to the ocean.

Strange tree.

A man climbing a palm tree to collect coconuts.

Looking south along the coast.

A crab on the beach.

Seagulls on the beach.

A monkey looks down on us.

And another.

Back at Shanzu, Joe's new house.

Maps of today's activities.