Day 9 - Easter Monday 13th April 2009

Tsavo East National Park

An early start - we left Coralis' place soon after 06:30, picked up Sister Bernadette from Tudor about 07:00, and headed northwest on the Nairobi road, reaching Buchuma Gate into the Tsavo East park soon after 08:00. Here we had breakfast, under a mulberry tree.

Relatively early we headed into the park. It had obviously had some rain as it was quite green in parts. We soon saw some zebra.

Red Hartebeest

A secretary bird.

A gazelle

A bird


Elephants teaching the little ones to climb out of a water hole.

Zebras on the move.

And standing still.

A baboon.

Zebra and elephants together.

More gazelle/

Elephants cross the road.

And more - there were about 100 elephants in a few groups.

Big bird


The Sagala Hills near Voi.

Dik-diks with impossible backlightiing.

Buffalo cooling off

Sister Bernadette and Joe at Voi Safari Lodge.

A gecko (one of many)

And another

The view from the lodge

Lovely flowers

A posse of banded mongoose scurry past

Easter Chicks - New Life!

Rock Hyraxes were all over the restaurant!

Interesting plant outside the lodge

Meld leaves the lodge

The dik-dik again

A guinea fowl of some description.

Another secetary bird - this one with headdress.

Another big bird.

A water buck?

We were looking for lions, but saw none. One last loop near the gate, but nothing, so we turned to head for the gate (as you have to be out by 18:00). What should we find in the road but 3 cheetahs.

That filled up my memory card. I was about to put the camera away, but thought I might as well change cards. Just as well, as we then met... Giraffe

Finally an ostrich displaying its massive wingspan.

And so to Voi, a cold Tusker, dinner and bed!

Maps of today's route