Day 8 - Easter Sunday 12th April 2009


Easter Sunday - in Mivumoni parish that's 2 Masses, in the bigger outstations. The first is in Shimba Hills, serving the south of the parish. The music is lively, and young and old clap and sway.

Most animated of all, this guy put his whole body into playing his shaker.

The church was pretty full.

The choir.

Waiting outside after Mass.

At Msulwa, we were met by the liturgical dancers.

The youngsters in the choir loft.

Joe, following the dancers, sprinkles the congregation.

The dancers beside the altar.

The dancers lead the Lectionary (book of scripture readings) into the church.

Joe preaches, beneath the church decorations.

The dancers again, leaving this time.

The congregation.

Some of the children outside the church.

The church and congregation leaving.

Back to Mivumoni for lunch, pack, back to Mombasa via the ferry, we're staying wth Coralis. Then out to Nyali (via several empty ATMs) for a Nyami Choma dinner and lots of Tusker with Coralis and Brother John.

Maps of today's route.