Day 7 - Holy Saturday 11th April 2009

Shimoni and Wasini

Early start - drove down to Shimoni, paid lots of money, went out onto jetty, passing lots of boats in varying states of repair.

Our dhow was in slightly better nick.

We sailed out passing cliffs of old coral.

A dhow under sail.

Meld looks happy on a boat...

So does Joe.

A baobab tree on the cliff top.

Amazing shapes where the sea has worn away the old coral.

Some birds on the beach.

It got rougher as we passed another dhow.

After about an hour we reached the tidal island where we were to snorkel. Meld (in tasteful orange life jacket) heads for land. Aid was less successful, couldn't get to grips with the snorkel things, swallowed a lot of very salty water and was generally like a fish out of water (in the water). Meld saw lot of coral and fish - Aid saw his life pass before him as he inhaled another gallon of seawater.

Revenge - as we headed back it got rough. Aid was happy as Larry and Meld sick as a parrot.

Our guide is on the lookout for dolphins.

We eventally found some dolphins, in fact a mix of bottlenose and humpback varieties.

We then headed towards Wasini Island.

Passing several fishermen in traditional craft.

A boat being repaired.

Our shipmates heading for lunch - low tide so we had to paddle.

Meld and Joe bring up the rear.

Lunch! (Muslim island so no beer)...

... But excellent seafood.


A fish swimming past.

A pretty flowering tree, to which Joe is allergic.

A kind of seaweed that they served on chapati with lunch, gowing in the coral garden.

The coral garden - dead coral, that gets its feet wet at high tide.

A bird flew overhead.

A flowering plant growing on the coral.

Mangrove on the mud.

The shop of the womens group that operate the walkway through the coral and mangrove.

The local kids try to sell us shells as we wait for the boat back to our dhow.

A huge baobab tree.

The ferry to the dhow.

Back on the mainland, a refreshing tusker.

And then back to Mivumoni for supper. Willy cooking sima (ugali)

Margaret and Lucy

The sun sets.

Now the sun has set the Easter Vigil can begin. We gather around the new fire.

Joe decorates the Easter Candle.

Joe proclaims "Christ Our Light"

The altar all decorated to celebrate the resurrection.

We were surprised by gifts - carved wildebeest, a walking stick, a bag and a kikoy.

Maps of today's route