Day 6 - Good Friday 10th April 2009


The first day in a while that we're not on the move: a day for washing, which Lucy does for us. No problem getting things dry here - when the breeze blows it's like a huge tumble dryer!

The beans for lunch were already boiling in the yard.

Joe and I left Imelda to read and relax (and chat to Lucy and Willy) and went to do some chores - cash, food and diesel from Ukunda, mangoes from the roadside (less than 5p each), and booking a boat for tomorrow at Shimoni. On the way we passed a bicycle laden with makuti, the palm leaves used to roof many properties around here.

Having arranged the boat we stopped at the Shimoni Reef hotel for a Tusker or two. The car park is flowery and shady - very pleasant.

The view from the hotel across to Wasini Island.

A bird flew past. Must learn to identify them.

These boats were being unloaded by a relay of men wading through the water.

Fishermen coming in.

The cottages and flowers.

The village of Shimoni.

Landing the fish (Joe had gone to buy cooked fish for our lunch).

A big baobab tree in the middle of the village.

Heading back to Mivumoni, cattle were being driven across land that should soon be planted with sugar cane.

After lunch (fish and beans, if you've been paying attention) we headed to the church for the Good Friday service. A chance to inspect the new gutters.

Another view of the new roof.

And the inside, stripped for Good Friday.

We walked up to the Salvation Army, passing this mvumo tree.

Here the Good Friday Stations of the Cross started, back up the road to the church.

People appeared from all over.

The servers led us from one patch of shade to the next.

In the shade we stopped and prayed, accompanied by the usual singing.

On again


Up the slope

Round the corner to the church.

The service followed the usual lines - although following the Passion in Swahili was challenging.


Sun set

Map of today's route