Day 5 - Thursday 9th April 2009

Shelley Beach to Mivumoni

I for one awoke early and dragged Meld out to watch the sun rise over the Indian Ocean. Not easy to photograph, but the low sun provided a good light to picture the fishermen heading out. Note the line of the coral reef near the horizon

The sun cast a warm glow over the sisters' guest house where we were staying.

On the beach, a mix of shells and broken bits of coral.

We took a walk along the beach, a fishing boat laying on the sand awaiting repair.

A bird strolling along a sandbank.

We were accompanied by a persistent beach boy.

Towards the end of the beach you get a view around to Mombasa town centre,

Fishing in the pools.

Joe is president of the Diani / Ukunda Rotary Club, and took us to their weekly meeting at the Golf Club.

President in action.

We went past Leonardos where the wooden Range Rovers (or now one wooden Range Rover) are found.

Furniture on sale along the roadside in Diani.

In Ukunda we stopped for Joe and Meld to buy fruit and veg.

And so to Mivumoni, and a first chance to see the new church roof - inside...

...and out.

And so to Mass - Holy Thursday's commemoration of the Last Supper. Fr Joe sprinkles the congregation.

Charly, Luke and I were co-opted with some local men to have our feet washed in the re-enactment of Jesus washing the disciples' feet.

Unlike the UK, where everyone comes with scrupulously clean feet, here people wear sandals and walk on dusty roads - the washing is for real.

Joe does the business.

Joe at the dismissal.

We took tea on the patio outside Joe's house and watched the sun setting.

This hill is some way off to the south west.

Excellent cloud shapes.

The Mivuma trees after which Mivumoni is named,

Luke, Charly, Joe and Meld take tea as the light fails.

The map of today's route.