Day 4 - Wednesday 8th April 2009


Although we thought we'd arrive in Mombasa on Tuesday night, thanks to a delay at Nairobi it was after midnight when we landed at Moi Airport, Mombasa (29 degC), and almost 1 a.m. by the time we had driven to Tudor (on the northern edge of Mombasa Island) where we were to stay at the Pastoral Centre. Pretty soon we were all in bed, within our mosquito nets, and sleeping, despite the heat.

I still awoke early and took some pictures around the centre - this is the centre itself.

This is the school opposite.

A pupil arrives by tuk tuk at the Catholic school.

The block we stayed in, with Joe's truck outside.

The Catholic school, in the same compound.

Meld caught this chap scaling the tree outside our window.

And I caught this one.

And Joe, descending the stairs.

We drove into Mombasa - the Tusks are the symbol of Mombasa and mark the boundary from Kilindini into Mombasa itself.

We took breakfast at the Castle Hotel. Long time since I've been there and not drunk Tusker!

We then went to the Holy Ghost Cathedral for the Chrism Mass. This is where the Bishop blesses the three oils (chrism, of catchumens and of the sick) in the presence of the priests of the diocese, who then take the oils back to their parishes, where they are used in the Maundy Thursday liturgy. The priests get the best seats!

Archbishop Lele blesses the oils.

The priests process out of the church.

The church was packed. And people wanted to sit at the front (not very English!) - squeezing in where there weren't spaces, even when there was room at the back.

Meld and I visited the grotto where Joe used to celebrate Mass when he was based at the Cathedral.

Joe collected his oils for Mivumoni Parish.

We were introduced to Archbishop Lele.

The Cathedral - built in the 1930s I think.

From the Cathedral we drove to Nyali Beach - the original Kenyan beach resort, started by the British in the 1940s, where we enjoyed lunch and a Tusker.

Coconut palms as we walked to the beach.

Meld dips her feet in the Indian Ocean.

Quite a beach!

But we have to leave.

Next stop, the disabled workshops at Bombolulu, where they make wheelchairs and similar things, and sell curios made by disabled people.

Wheelchair assembly shop.

The Cultural Centre - we must go back next week and see traditional dancing.

The entrance to the shop - yes, we parted with money.

Next, back to town, dropping some things at Coralis' house. Meld liked the scaffolding next door.

The mango tree at the bottom of the garden.

And the wasps under her staircase.

Then, via the Kenya Wildlife Service (to buy tickets for Tsavo) and Nakumatt (to buy Tusker Baridi) to the Likoni ferry. By the time we got there the queue was massive, and we waited over an hour as hoardes of pedestrians streamed onto each vessel. But we got there...

And so to the Sisters on Shelley Beach, where the Tusker Baridi was most welcome.

The breeze was also most welcome - it's still hot, but the wind chill keeps it comfortable sitting on the porch. The wind also made the palm trees wave across the moon. (Enhanced by the lack of electricity so no artificial light apart from my headtorch)

Sister Cecilia served us dinner on the porch.

Map of today's activities.