Day 3 - Tuesday 7th April 2009

Nairobi and to Mombasa

We slept a little later after the exertions of Monday. When Meld went to the shower she found we had a visitor - a millipede.

We then got a taxi to the Maasai Market. Not in the City Hall car park where I went last year, but a muddy patch of land near River Road. The adjacent building was set on fire last week in some dispute over redeveloping the land. Men were demolishing it by hand, although it was still smouldering. In the market, nightmare brokers tried to persuade us to pay ludicrous prices, and despite resisting I think we paid over the odds.

The sad thing is, there were nice things to buy but we didn't want to get more involved.

Leaving the area you're glad you're in a car with the doors and windows locked.

From the mayhem of River Road we went to the Nairobi National Museum (on Museum Hill, strangely) - a haven of calm.

It's recently reopened after a major renovation, and there's some nice sculpture and things.

We had breakfast here, within the museum grounds, cheap and tasty.

The window in the museum building opposite.

Meld and a friend.

A display of decorated gourds from all over Kenya in the main hall.

This is part of the older museum building.

A decorative neck ring made of many different bird feathers.

Meld looks at a musical instrument made of 2 different gourds.

Another musical instrument - a ceremonial side-blown horn

Kenya has some of the oldest fossils of humans and their predecessors, and the museum has a collection of several very old people / apes / in betweenies.

Reconstructions of the lifes of ancient humans

A honey badger for Rosie and Laurie

A collection of large mammals in the centre of the mammals room.

Outside the museum are gardens - with this map of Kenya made from recycled glass.

A mosaic path through the medicinal garden.

Meld, with her shopping from the market.

Detail in the mosaic.

One of the older "colonial" museum buildings.

Kenya has loads of birds, this was one in the garden.

Oh and monkeys - this one seems to have a bag.

Meld caught this interesting specimen in a tree.

And I caught this interesting specimen in the swimming pool back at the hotel.

And them Kimatia phoned - tanker crash on the Mombasa Road, we need to leave an hour earlier. Packed, dined on burgers, checked out, picked up, now at the airport massively early! Joe is waiting patiently in Mombasa - not long now.

Map of today's activities.

The flight to Mombasa.