Day 17 - Tuesday 20th April 2009

Nairobi and home

Aid has to work in Nairobi today, so Meld has to endure a day in the 5* Serena hotel, with its pool, beauty salon, and gardens.

But even luxury gets boring when you're ready to be on your way home, so when Aid returned from site we had a quick cuppa with Jack and Andy then checked out and headed for the airport. This proved more traumatic than usual, taking almost 2 hours. As we were unable to check in online (because we'd changed the date of our flights) we were rightly worried that we'd be seated apart, but the helpful KQ woman managed to get us seats either side of the aisle (which is pretty convenient for a night flight). The flight itself was fairly uneventful - a fair amount of turbulence, and the seat pitch really is inadequate if you have legs, so sleep is a challenge. But we survived, arriving at Heathow on time despite a late departure. The transport system's final spanner in the works was a broken sheer pin on the baggage carrousel which added 30 minutes to our wait. But we're home, the washing is on, and we're grateful.