Day 15 - Sunday 19th April 2009

Mivumoni, Boyani and Diani

Today, Fr Joe's housekeeper, Willy, and his wife Florence, brought their baby son Martin to be baptised at Mass at Mivumoni.

The godfather, Boniface, holds the baby as he is baptised.

Let the water flow

Proud mum dries the baby's head.

"Receive the light of Christ"

Willy, Florence and Martin in front of the altar.

With Lucy outside Willy's kitchen.

Meld holds the baby

And then it rained - again. I'm pleased to report that the roof kept the rain out, but the readers had to shout above the din.

After Mass at Mivumoni we headed up to Boyani. The road was rough and wet.

We took them some timber.

The Boyani choir - few in number, but strong singers.

The church is small and intimate.

The little ones all colourfully dressed.

A very little one has a go on the drums.

Action with the shaker

Then to Diani and lunch at the Africa Pot - a healthy dessert for Joe.

Then onto the beach at Leisure Lodge, where we met camels.

Joe persuaded us to have a ride.

Meld's boring the camel!

Another Tusker by the beach - it's very quiet (low season)

Nice spot

The filthy truck gets a thorough clean

Too much Tusker?