Day 14 - Saturday 18th April 2009

Mombasa and back to Mivumoni

We left the pastoral centre soon after 8 and headed to the Castle Hotel for breakfast, looking out on the bustle of a Mombasa morning from behind a bank of greenery.

Joe always looks at home here!

Then we crossed to the Cathedral, where 3 deacons were to be ordained. Each was introduced to the Archbishop by his parents...

...who then greeted the congregation.

The three candidates sit in front of the altar.

The smalller ones cluster in the aisle to see what's going on

The archbishop lays hands on each in turn.

The new deacons are helped into their vestments by their sponsors...

...and turn to greet the congregation.

Their mothers bring up the gifts.

The communion approaches.

Many priests were present, and received communion first.

The new deacons distributed communion

At the end of Mass, the deacons wait to be greeted by the people.

This is Francis, who is coming to Mivumoni next month for a few months.

And again.

We then went up to the disabled centre at Bombolulu for lunch. A group performed traditional Kenyan music...

...while little ones watched and danced.

They did various acrobatics and dances.

Then it was our turn to join in. As the only visitors there was no choice!

After visiting their craft shop, we headed up to Nakumatt at Nyali for supplies, enjoying an ice cream in an air-conditioned ice cream parlour.

Heading south again, preparing and selling sugar cane by the roadside.

And so, back to Mivumoni, supper, a bottle of wine, and bed!