Day 11 - Wednesday 15th April 2009

Kilifi to Shela

We were up early and left Kilifi soon after 6. By 7 or thereabouts we were in Malindi, and stopped at the Da Gama for breakfast. It's the first time I've seen this sign on diplay.

Fr Anthony and Fr Joe look forward to mango - in fact, we had brought the mangoes with us and the restaurant had prepared them.

The view of Vasco Da Gama's pillar from the restaurant that bears his name.

A woman walking past on the way to the fish market.

We headed north, reaching the Tana river delta. Here they harvest salt on the wide, flat expanse, which is divided into beds which fill at high tide and are then allowed to evaporate, leaving salt..

If you look more closely there's hive of activity.

Massive piles of salt appear at intervals.

The tarmac road was good to beyond Malindi, then became potholed, until we turned off the Garissa road towards Lamu. This side road was good tarmac, then changed to good murram. We trundled on for miles and miles, rarely seeing any other vehicles. Even when we stopped for a comfort break no-one passed us.

In the middle of nowhere - a rather smart mosque.

The countryside varied - open country and wooded, then we saw herds of goat and cattle.

In many places they seemed to be clearing the land and burning the trees.

We continued to Hindi where the parish priest met us, and gave us tea and fruit.

The priest from Hindi then came with us to the ferry port and took Joe's truck back for safe keepng, We booked a speedboat to take us over to Lamu.

Anthony and Joe seem to be enjoying the experience.

The priest on Lamu was out so we went for lunch a few doors away on the harbour front.

Leaving the priests to meet up with their counterpart, Meld and I got another speedboat to Shela, further along the island, overtaking this boat under sail.

Installed in our hotel, we took the view from the roof.

Then a walk around the village. Donkeys in the square.

An interesting tower.

Down on the beach, the wind was blowing, making waves and sandblasting any exposed skin.

Lamu is famous for its doorways

Meld found this interesting bit of a tree.

Traffic jam, Lamu style.

Boats as the sun sets.

Our hotel.

View from our balcony.

And then a meal at a nearby restaurant, back to the hotel for a swim, and next more fresh fruit!

Maps of today's route.