Day 10 - Tuesday 14th April 2009

Voi to Kilifi

Today was mainly a travelling day. We had a leisurely breakfast then headed through Voi town. The main street was lined with stalls, and people.

There was evidence of recent rain - water in ditches...

...and sand washed across the road.

One last view of the hills.

Across the Rift Valley Railway (Mombasa to Kampala)

The road to Mombasa is lined with stalls selling charcoal, varying from a few to dozens of bags lined up for sale.

We dropped Sister Bernadette in Tudor, then went via the Cathedral to collect Joe's medicines, then north towards Nyali. The road is lined with stalls and business selling just about anything: roofing



Pots and pans



Plants and trees

Rubbish, with people picking it over for anything salvageable (or recycleable)

Many buildings are painted to advertise businesses, especially the mobile phone companies - this is Zain (formerly Celtel, formerly Kencel)

This is Safaricom (Vodafone)

Zain again

Orange (Telkom Kenya)

We stopped to buy fruit: apple mangoes


Avocadoes and mangoes

Boys play football wherever they can

Sisal plantation

Kilifi Creek

We went to the Kilifi Club for dinner - I made a friend

Fr Joe and Tabitha from Mivumoni who's studying at the university in Kilifi

Fr Anthony, parish priest of Kilifi

Meld met a BIG millipede

Maps of today's route