Day 9 - Sunday 1st August 2010

Formigueres and Mont Louis

Mary looks unimpressed by the amount of cheese Mark had bought.

Meld does some Tai Chi whilst getting strange looks from other campers.

We headed up the road next to our campsite towards Mont Louis.

Mark surveyed the view when we reached Lac Puyvalidor.

Don't walk on water! (Or ice technically.)

There were lots of lizards out sunbathing.

The church in Puyvalidor.

An inpromptu Sadana in Formigueres.

A family out walking with a donkey carrying their things.

Inside the church in Formigueres, these mass cards date from the 50's.

Saint Isidorus with a plate on his head.

The bells, the bells!

We continued up the hill to Formigueres Ski Station to find a picnic spot with a view.

We ate in the grass with the ants.

We went to investigate the drag lifts.

And the chair lift.

There was nothing stopping you getting on the chair lift where it was low enough. The black seats were very hot though.

Up the ski slope there was an altar where someone seemed to be pointing out the wasps nest.

There were lots of evil thistles.

As we were leaving the thunder started and the rain pounded down as we reached Les Angles where we were going to go up the cable car but the lightning striking the top put off the passengers.

This might be Les Angles...

The obligatory Minden Day picture.

The slightly odd Minden Day picture.

St Michael in Mont Louis church.

The grand altar.


The military centre of Mont Louis.

The clouds hanging out below us in the valley.

Vaubans' Mont Louis fortress.

Mmm, grass.

The solar oven at Mont Louis, a big parabolic mirror focuses the suns rays until you get extreme heat (3000 degrees celcius).

Heading back to the campsite in the clouds.