Day 8 - Saturday 31st July 2010

Vernet-les-Bains and Py

The morning sun hits the rocks long before it makes its way down into the bottom of the valley and onto our campsite.

The river Tet runs alongside the campsite.

Next to the river many spiders have been busy.

We started the day by heading to the market in Vernet-Les-Bain.

There were some funny shaped tomatoes.

And a lady frying vegetables which smelt very good.

The church on the hill in Vernet-Les-Bain.

The Ethels discuss the options for the rest of the day.

We decided to have lunch by the river above Sahorre, where we stayed last time, and next to the river we saw many creatures including this brightly coloured dragonfly.

Numerous butterflies found this spot irresistible for reasons unknown to us.

Looking up the river to a side stream joining.

There were lots of butterflies on the buddleia.

As well as a Hummingbird Moth we were lucky to get a picture of.

Rosie enjoyed the sunshine...

...whilst Meld enjoyed the shade.

Aid, although he hadn't brought swimming things, decided to test the water. It was cold.

There was lots of reading done.

Another family finally persuaded their dog into the water.

We continued up the road to Py.

Inside the church.

One of the side altars.

Outside in the cemetery the crosses had enamel name plates.

Some goats were herded across the road to the fromagerie.

We continued up the rather alarmingly small road to the pass at the top where Meld and Mark studied the plant life.

The view to higher peaks.


Someone suggested taking sunglasses off so we're all squinting.

We started our Minden Eve celebrations.