Day 7 - Friday 30th July 2010

Pont du Gard

Moving day - which meant taking the tent down, which in turn meant getting out the pegs that were so hard to get in. B perservered and eventually succeeded!

After a few stops (aborted attempt to buy diesel, the boulangerie, grand tour of a centre commercial until we located the Auchan filling station (not at the Auchan store), filling up, queueing around the Avignon ring road) we reached the Pont du Gard and accepted the €15 parking fee..

The cameras were all out today!

And we viewed the famous aqueduct from all angles.


Shooting from a rock high above the path.

More posers.

Returing from inspecting the canal - or at least, the gate that would give access to the canal.

Happy families!

The river Gardon downstream.

The aqueduct from downstream.

Rosie with cool feet.

The old mill - now a restaurant.

The lumps sticking out were to hold the wooden scaffolding.

B with cool feet.

From upstream.

From the belvedere.

100 year old olive trees, sown in 1908, brought here in 1988 from Spain.

A cold drink in the (rather relaxing) café.

Ladies in the loo.

Then, after lunch under a tree in the car park, onto the motorway. Various queues around Montpellier, and the aircon decided a week of life was enough (not good when it's 30+ outside). But eventually we get a glimpse of the Canigou and head off up the Andorra road. Stopping for milk at Prades the view of the Canigou is breathtaking.

And so the our next campsite, Mas de Lastourg near Villefranche de Conflent. Here we had to effect a repair to one of the tent poles before we pitched.

Then on with the routine of pegging out.

Several of the Trains Jaunes which run up the valley passed by right next to the campsite, luckily they don't run at night. Then a lesiurely supper with Mary & Mark (in the adjacent pitch), before bed.