Day 6 - Thursday 29th July 2010


Today we would go to Orange to see the Roman Amphitheatre. Having parked, we headed towards said historic edifice, but the ladies deviated into the nearby street market, and went bag shopping.

There were colourful soaps too.

We walked around the Cathedral and had a look inside.

The west door of the Cathedral.

Meld found an olive stall and was tempted.

We then went and looked at the theatre, from the outside.

Back past a statue opposite the theatre.

Round the side of the theatre.

Up the path beside the theatre...

...which gave us as good a view of the inside as you get for paying.

The big statue behind the stage.

A slightly different view, again from the park behind the theatre.

It wasn't a very official path, but it was worth the effort.

The view from the top.

B inspects the table d'orientation.

Ventoux viewed from above the theatre.

We then drove down to Chateauneuf du Pape then across the Rhone, and back again when we failed to find anywhere to picnic. We stopped by the river and lunched. There was lots of traffic - on the river.

Rosie tries to sort her hiccups.

Traffic on the road, and the autoroute beyond, and the TGV beyond that.

And then traffic in the air.

Then a German cruise boat on the river.

Back to camp, Ventoux viewed across the Chateauneuf du Pape vineyards.

Back to camp, then Meld and Aid took a stroll around Aubignan. Up through the main gateway...

...and from the other side.

The church - sadly closed for safety reasons.

A skinny house.

A drinking trough.

The old bridge over the Bregoux.

The girls' pod is less tidy than it was - and we're moving on in the morning!

Our tent at nightfall.