Day 5 - Wednesday 28th July 2010

South to the Luberon

This morning the wind seems to have abated, and different wildlife has appeared. Several damsel flies like this buzzed around the tent.

Today's excursion took us south, first to the nearby town of Carpentras, which was bigger than we expected, and had a most confusing road system (even by French standards!). Eventually we managed to park, and went into the old centre to explore.

There were several fountains - the water refreshing in the heat.

One of the side altars in the Cathedral.

An angel on the high altar.

Another fountain, this one beside the Cathedral.

Dove and Gargoyle on the Cathedral roof.

An ancient roman arch, on the other side of the Cathedral.

Detail from a Carrousel nearby.

Health and safety around holes in the road seems rather minimal.

A whole window display of books about the Chemin de Saint Jacques de Compostelle.

The "Porte d'Orange" - the gate in the direction of the city of Orange.

As we took photos, Rosie sat down, and a friend joined her!

Back up through the shopping street to the car.

From Carpentras we headed to Venasque, an ancient hill village, with a castle on top.

Lots of pretty buildings as we wandered through the little streets.

The Post Office.

Seen in a window...

Sunflower - Mont Ventoux beyond.

The church - you can just about see the walkway that emerges on the left, run along the first roof, up some steps, then left up the roof to the tower.

Inside the church - the altar of St Sifferin.

Taking the view from the highest point available... too!

Lunch under a shady tree heading south towards Gordes.

Lavender field and the abbey of Senanque.

The Chateau at the picturesque village of Gordes. Sadly it's so picturesque that it's overrun with tourists and thus has lost much of its charm. Lots of upmarket shops, a Sotheby's, a spa hotel...

...but they let us in nonetheless.

An ancient building, a little away from the centre.

Wildlife in the car park.

The classic view back of the village.

On south again towards the Montagne de Luberon - a long slug-like mountain that gives the area its name - and more hill villages, this one Bonnieux.

And this one's Lacoste.

The Montagne de Luberon from near Cavaillon.

And so back to camp. We passed through various villages, and the small town of Ile sur la Sorgue, which (although full of traffic in the rush hour) was probably the most attractive place we saw all day, but it was too late to stop.