Day 4 - Tuesday 27th July 2010

Up the Dentelles de Montmirail

Today we split into two groups. The ladies walked into Aibignan and did the shopping...

..and met a lizard. (They also did the washing, lots of reading and sunbathing)

Meanwhile Aid went on a hike up the Dentelles, setting out for 2 miles up small lanes to Beaumes-de-Venise. This is the main church.

The interior of St Anne's Chapel.

Climbing up the hill behind Beaumes offered good views bk towards and beyond Aubignan.

Up on the top. the vnes of Domaine de Durban.

Approaching the Dentelles.

The Saracens' Tower, on a lump that sticks out at the western end of the Grand Montmirail.

View across the terraces on the lower slopes.

The tower from closer by.

A little path led up from the main track towards the ridge of the Dentelles Sarasines, from which the view back over the (lower) Grand Montmirail was stunning.

The path was generally clearly markd, even if at times you couldn't believe where it was taking you!

The little path went up (and up...) and then along at the foot of the great rocky slabs that give the Dentelles their name (it means "lace"). Eventually there's a side path up to a gap in the ridge, where the northerly wind hit you hard as you peep over the top.

I was there!

The view down to the valley on the northern side.

Continuing along the southern side of the ridge (sometimes rather scary!) there were interesting details in the rocks above.

And just big rocks above!

View south over the Grand Montmirail.

That's wat we're walking alongside.

You can guess what the wind coming through this hole was like...

Another hole.

The valley between the Dentelles Sarasines and the Grand Montmirail.

Next waypoint is that farm, Casson, a long way down.

From Casson, back up the valley and across the sideof the Grand Montmirail, a switch back over a Col, then down on the south side. This is part of the Grand Montmirail from the southern slopes.

Across the southern slopes towards Mont Ventoux.

Mont Ventoux.

The Chateau at Beaumes-de-Venise, on the hill behind the vilage.

In the village of Beaumes.

The Presbytery.

The chapel of St Roch.

Mont Ventoux looks close, but it's apparently 34km away by road.