Day 3 - Monday 25th July 2010

Around the Dentelles de Montmirail

We were all up pretty early, after a night disrupted by the sound of wind in the trees and the tent's vain attempts to escape its tethers. Leaving Meld to wash up after breakfast we went to the new Carrefour for supplies. Then we headed out to the east, approaching the village of Le Barroux (whose Chateau we visted 3 years ago).

Leaving Rosie guarding the car (or rather readig her book in the sunshine) we explored the village below the chateau, looking out over the roofs below.

B was taken by the Hotel Dieu which was up for sale.

Looking back up to the chateau.

B inspects the water.

The wash house, fed by the same water.

Some of the ratehr esriable old houses in the village.

We drove up into the hills from the village, reaching a point where there were good views so we stopped. There was also a small building, which B investigated cautiously.

Everyone's taking pictures now!

The terraced vineyards on the hillsides.

Stopping for lunch, Rosie experimented with an Ikea plate.

View from our lunch spot - the village of la Roque-Alric.

We posed for a group shot...

...the did a silly one too.

The church, clinging to the side of the rock.

B and another doorway.

On to Suzette, and its little church.

The simple interior.

The girls waiting outside.

View back to the Dentelles from Col de la Chaine.

There are lots of footpaths marked around here - I'm hoping to try some tomorrow.

We headed on to Malaucene, then north to Vaison la Romaine, then south past Seguret (pictured) and Sablet.

Passing Gigondas there were more views of the Dentelles.

Back to camp, then off to a market on the road to Sarrians. A few local producers selling fruit ad veg, wine, oil and honey.

Supper - Rosie in charge again.