Day 2 - Sunday 25th July 2010

Dijon to Aubignan

Rejecting Holiday Inn's €17 breakfast, we enjoyed orange juice and petit vienoisserie in our room.

We were soon loaded and on the autoroute south. Traffic got heavier when we joined the A6 from Paris, but mostly flowed well, and we were soon crossing the Rhone near Lyon.

A fairly uneventful drive to Dijon followed, although we had more stops that originally planned (loo, breakfast, diesel, driver change, more diesel). The 2 diesel stops being because I ony bought enough to get to Dijon at motorway prices (EUR1.30) as I could fill at EUR1.08 in Dijon.

We left the autoroute at Bollene and cut across country. This took us to the village of Cairanne, on a hill with good views.

It was VERY windy - so windy you didn't feel the heat.

It's a pretty place..

B found a friend.

And some lavender

They were having a Fete du Vin, so he road was closed. In trying to escape the road closure we climbed the hill behind and got a good view of the village.

And so on to Aubignan. Rosie was clearly happy to have reached Camping le Bregoux!

What followed was pretty traumatic: the wind was so srting we had difficulty holding the tent down, and part of the pitch were so hard we had trouble getting the pegs in. A kind German man lent us a serious hammer and some unsubtle tent pegs, and once we got all the guys and base pegs in the tent stayed up, though still flexing in the strong wind.

Beds made.

The wind blowing the trees.

And the wind blowing the flags.

Aid and B went for a walk - views of the Dentelles de Montmirail over the vines.

Ripe grapes on the vines.

Sunflowers worshipping the sun.

Back for supper - a bottle of local wine - and strange after effects.

Photos download time.

The ladies took a walk around the campsite and found a playground.

And the sun set on Day 2.