Day 1 - Saturday 24th July 2010

Wye to Dijon

There was a Day 0, packing and so on, and an easy drive down to Wye where beds awaited. A few hours sleep, then back into the car and off the the Channel Tunnel terminal near Folkestone for a 0530 check-in.

Well, we made the check in and actually got on the earlier train, so went sstraight through to boarding.

The GPS gave 'helpful' directions!

A fairly uneventful drive to Dijon followed, although we had more stops that originally planned (loo, breakfast, diesel, driver change, more diesel). The 2 diesel stops being because I ony bought enough to get to Dijon at motorway prices (EUR1.30) as I could fill at EUR1.08 in Dijon.

At Dijon we found our hotel, and Meld was soon trying out our room on the "executive floor".

We then caught a bus into the historic centre of Dijon...

...which has lots of historic buildings.

...and lots of mustard... varying sizes.

More old buildings.

And then into the "Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy"

Rosie loved the little electric buses.

One of the courtyars of the ducal palace.

Art: melted wheelybins in phones boxes.

St Michael's Church - one of many.

Statue of St James the Great within St Michael's Church

And so, back to the hotel, to Carrefour for shopping, to a restaurant for moules-frites and Bourgogne Aligoté and thus to bed.