Day 9 - Sunday 29th July 2007

Sahorre and the Rotja Valley

The day started with a leisurely breakfast and relaxation.

MMJ&K went off for supplies in Prades; Meld, Rosie and I walked up to Sahorre village for bread. On the way we looked in the window of the reception - this ad caught Rosie's eye.

We walked up past the Cultural Centre.

Saw the chrch of St Etienne on the hill.

Saw arrows - the new design for the pilgrimage? Imagine arrow cutting parties for these...

The boulangerie

Back at the campsite the girls realised they were all wearing swishy skirts, and gave a demonstration.

We went for a walk around the campsite to see what the rest was like - we liked it.

After lunch we drove up the Rotja valley, through Sahorre and Py. High up we got good views of the Canigou.

Intersting wildlife - crickets, butterflies, and lots of lizards.

The wholr gang with the Canigou.

Coming down again we passed some horses.

We stopped above the river and walked down a staircase to a small hydroelectic installation.

We braved the fresh water of this mountain stream.

Joe encourages Katherine to get wet (she was ahead of him by some way)

We all made it eventually

Mark made it too.

Floating heads

Joe threaten to push Katherine in.

The Ethels enjoy the water.

Rosie and Lilo

B and Fred the Ring

Back at the campsite we had something of a Harry Potter read-in and sun-catching session.