Day 7 - Friday 27th July 2007

Aubignan, Montmirail and Gigondas

In the morning, we walked into Aubignan (leaving B at the tent) for alook around and some shopping.

This is the new gate - time is relative

The church...

...and the carving on the new altar

Rosie got excited when a turquoise Defender drove past.

After lunch the ladies went swimming at Baumes-de-Venise and Aid went for a walk. The walk started round that back of the village of Baumes, where the houses cling to the hillside, and there isevidence of earlier troglodytic dwelings

A little road climbed up the hillside, and looking back gave views of this castle (above the trog houses, seen from the other side)

The view back over Baumes-de-Venise towards Aubignan

As I got higher the views got better - over the vineyards towards Le Ventoux...

...up towards the Dentelles de Montmirail

Venoux again, from higher

Dentelles again, from closer.

On the way down, the view towards Vacqueyras

The others picked me up near Vacqueyras and we drove up to Gigondas where we tasted wine from Les Hauts de Montmirail (I'd walked in their vineyards) and bought some wine to lay down.

It's a very pretty villae, if a bit touristy.

The view from high up the hillside, over the church and houses.

A rather fine dwelling.

And so, back to Aubignan for a late supper - it was still hot - and our last night in Provence.