Day 6 - Tursday 26th July 2007


Today's words by Rosie

Today we went to Avignon, just 30km from our camping. With the sun scorching we went on our way, using the free park and ride system to enter the city.

As soon as we got off the bus, B commented on the wall to the right, on the side of Les Halles, saying it had been on Gardeners World. Lovely view of grass from the offices inside i'm sure!

Within Les Halles was an indoor market, with little stalls selling allsorts!

We wandered through the small streets of the city past little shops and cafes, lots of shops selling really nice jewellery!

After a late start, we decided to stop for Panini's outside Collegiale Saint-Agricol.

With a very grand arch above the doorway..

And a view of the clock tower around the corner.

With a festival going on in the city, much like Edinburgh festival, there were musicians and actors all over the place! This band went past just as we finished lunch!

After lunch we walked around the walls of the city, taking in the sun and views of the Rhone, as well as interesting stone work..

Inside one of the gates was an attractive square with this gallery on the far side (and a convenint convenience just under the gate)

Then we went to Pont d'Avignon, where we were given audioguides to tell us about the bridges history in English! Rosie and Bridget just liked to listen to the music and press all the buttons :)

Below the bridge is a chapel dedicated St Benezet, who got the bridge built. Above this is a chapel decicated to St Nicholas, patron Saint of Sailors.

We walked across the bridge with a wonderful view of the city behind..

Back on the river bank, you get a full view of the 4 archs left of the bridge.

Then we walked along the top of the city walls, coming across an interesting piece of architecture with Villeneuve behind,

The new town built on the otherside of the Rhone, by the Cardinal, who wanted to escape from the bustle of Avignon.

Back down the hill towards the city you get a stunning view of the Popes Palace...

...and the square below.

As we headed back towards the shuttle bus back to the car park we passed St Peter's Church.

And so back to the car - showing 39 degrees, which dropped when we started moving but only to 36! Back via Intermarché for supplies, then alate supper, afte it had cooled off a little. Now at 22:30. still in shorts and T-shirts, watching the bats flit past, finishing another bottle of local wine...