Day 4 - Tuesday 24th July 2007

Gray to Aubignan

Well, the decision had been made to head south, so we prepared to depart. Not a very early start, but the packing was quite efficient, and as it had rained heavily in night. With all hands helping we got loaded fairly quickly, but then - horror of horrors - the car wouldn't start. We thought we'd been careful and not run the old boxes off the car, but maybe laving the doors open was enough... Anyway, we got a kind old Frenchman to bring his car round and give us a jump start and, without risking stopping the engine, we paid our dues and headed south.

After a little tour of Gray, we headed for Dole to pick up the A39 past Bourg-en-Bresse, seeing some pretty villages and some interesting countryside as we skirted the western Jura and eastern Burgundy. When we stopped for lunch it was reasonably warm and sunny, though there was evidence enough for recent heavy rain in the moated picnic table.

Anyway, no sooner had settled ourselves at the table but the heavens opened. We retreated to the car - just as well as it absolutely lashed down for about half an hour. When we restarted the roads were running with water and visibility was severly limited by spray. Eventually we skirted round the eastern side of Lyon, just missing the queue when an articulated lorry jacknifed. Somewhere south of Lyon the temperature, which had been about 20 but down to 15, jumped to 30! Onto the main A7 the traffic was heavy but flowing, and we cruised past Valence, Montelimar and Orange before turning off towards Carpentras. This town proved bigger than we remembered and it took a whle to find the campsite. When we did it was full! They recommended a couple of other and, after some phone calls to check availabiliy, we ended up at Aubignan, a few kilometers north towards Mont Ventoux. Meld and I went off in search of money and foods (success), then B and I went off to get some pictures for the diary. This is Mont Ventoux.

The track we followed was line by vines.

B was also after pictures.

These are the Dentelles - the name means lace - and the top are indeed lace-like.

These are the hill snearest to Aubignan

The view of our pitch and the hills beyond.

And so, after a supper of ravioli and sausage and lentils (all canned) we are relaxing in the warm but breezy evening. And just before bedtime, a firework display just down the road...S