Day 10 - Monday 30th July 2007

Walk to the Priory at Serrabona

Today we split into 2 groups: Aid, Meld and Mark started our Chemin de St Jacques (Perpignan to Compostela) with the section from Ille-sur-Têt to Prieuré de Serrabona. We drove to Ille-sur-Têt and then walked to the church to start.

Soon after the church we passed the Priuerié de St Jacques.

Leaving the town there was a dangerous collection of retired wheely bins on our left.

The view to the right was much better - the Canigou towering above the orchards.

Across the valley we saw the "orgues" - rock formations that look like organ pipes.

The route initiallly followed a level road through the orchards (we did try a windfall nectarine each - really ripe) towards Bouleternèe.

Bouleternère is a fortfied village that huddles around the church on the hill.

The council use Defenders... do the locals (from Land Rover Perpignan).

Sadly the church was locked (open Tuesday and Friday evenings only) but we admired the sundial and the pink marble steps.

We walked on along the road, then left up a track. As we climbed we got a better view of the church.

We climbed further, getting views over Bouleternère and Ille-sur-Têt.

We stopped for lunch in the only shade we could find - it was mighty hot and we were hotter!

Looking back we were rewarded with views back over the track we'd climbed.

But it was a long slog!

Eventually our path joined the road up to the Prieuré - our objective was in sight.

And here it is!

Inside the Priory is simple but impressive.

The cloister has pink marble pillars...

...with carved bosses.

We deserved a rest.

We were eventually joined by the others who had driven up, and went to collect the other car while they looked arouund.

Meanwhile, the others went into Villefranche-de-Conflent

Rosie found her dream car!

At the Prieuré B found an Aloe Vera plant which people had engraved.

Back at camp. Joe gathered in the washing.