Day 19 - Bures-sur-Yvette to Ropley

After Ketty's feast last night, and some late-night floor-mopping (the effects of a leaking pipe behind the kitchen wall) we were not early to rise. But we did rise, and breakfast in relaxed fashion.

We then went off in search of the Chateau of St Jean de Beauregard; we found the entrance, but but it was firmly closed. so we drove round a loop back to the big Carrefour at Les Ulis. We've managed to go nearly 3 weeks without major shopping - we'd not even been in a French hypermarket - and it was quite fun to potter round the smaller shops and the huge hypermarket and pick up some last minute provisions. And then it was back to Martin and Ketty's for lunch - another excellent spread, with Rosie and Kim eating things they never thought they'd like (Courgette soup this time).

And Bridget helping with the tabling setting.

After lunch, with the car repacked, it was time for a group photo and farewells.

We had an easy run around Paris, and not bad (despite rain and a headwind) to the outskirt of Calais, a tank of diesel at 80p/litre, then we joined  queue into the ferry port. Through security though we were checked in and dashed to get on the earlier ferry (albeit running late, so net gain was about 15 minutes).

On board the captain warned of "severe gale force 9" winds in the channel, but it was only a bit choppy. Approaching Dover from the east (in the lee of the cliffs) we went out on deck for fresh air...

...and watched as we berthed.

It was slow, as it often is, getting out of the docks, and the A20 was tedious for several miles. Then we had a fairly easy run through, getting home just after midnight (BST - 1 a.m. French time).

Unpacked, Kim collected, web page written, it's time for bed - our own bed!

So that's me signing off - the next diary is already started at