Day 17 - Adios Espaņa!

So the journey home begins! First of all, packing up. With a bit of teamwork this isn't too bad - here the girls persuade the tent that it wants to go into its bag.

A cross-country route took us to Figueres, where we did our final shopping and then got stuck in market-day traffic trying to get out to the motorway. We saw several areas burnt by fires as we headed north.

Anyway, once on the motorway it as fairly easy: busy on the A9 to Beziers, then we cut north to the A75. This made a steep, twisting climb on to the limestone causse, at the top of which we stopped for lunch - in a brisk breeze which at 25° felt chilly!

The setting for the service area was very pleasant.

Anyway, we continued north on the A75, over the plateaux of the causses, climbing and descending, at one stage reaching 1121m. This road used to have a big gap - now filled by the Viaduc de Millau, which we crossed.

We then stopped at the viewing area, and I climbed for a view of the bridge...

... and the Tarn valley cutting between the causses.

The girls were more taken by an open-topped Cango-type bus.

Anyway, we pressed on, with long drags up and down (85 mph down a slope, not touching the accelerator and cruise disengaged!)

And then into the Auvergne area with its volcanoes.

And now to our simply Formule 1 hotel - the girls look at home already!