Day 16 - Begur and Pals

After our long hard day yesterday we had a leisurely start, then did a major load of washing (so we have clean clothes for the next few days, and to minimise the amount we need to do when we get home, but also because we'd paid good money for the token and we weren't going to waste it!).

After lunch we decided to potter down the coast retracing our steps from last night. Although we went to some of these places 5 years ago, the area around Begur is pretty much unknown to us.

Climbing up the southern end of Platja de Pals you get views back over the beach.

Following the twisting road up and down the coast past Sa Riera we got near the water at (I think) Aiguafreda.


The usual posers were waiting for a picture.

We then went into Begur old town, with many interesting buildings.

The church of St Peter was unusually painted.

While the others had a ice cream, I climbed to the castle and took the views

Then we drove back to Platja de Pals and went to the beach. Bridget, Kim and I enjoyed the water; Meld swam and nursed her gammy leg; Rosie swam, got overwhelmed by a wave, and decided sunbathing was more her style.

Then while Meld cooked supper the girls and I went into Pals to do some gift and souvenir shopping.