Day 10 - The Tech Valley

Our last day all together, and we decided to explore the upper part of the Tech valley, from Arles to Prats-de-Mollo and the Spanish border.

Our first stop was at Serralongue, where we had a close encounter with a lizard, out sunbathing.

Although it was fairly sunny, there was quite a bit of cloud about, especially above the Canigou, which was a shame as this is an excellent viewing location.

The picnic table proved a good location for a group photo.

The church looked impressive from the outside, but it was locked and the museum (from which the key could be obtained) was closed for lunch.

We walked up to the mirador, and got more glimpses of the Canigou.

We also saw some interesting butterflies, including this one.

We then continued to the head of the side valley , where we had a picnic lunch. A small butterfly made friends with Dierdre.

It also posed for Rosie's camera phone.

This is the view of the village from the picnic area.

On the way back down the clouds had cleared from the Canigou, and we got a decent picture.

We pushed on up the valley to Prats-de-Mollo, with its old town centre surmounted by a massive church, and a fort on the hill behind.

This chapel contained many works from a local artist.

The old town is full of narrow passageways

The church had several ornate retabos

The narrow paths and arches provided opportunities for fun.

We climbed to the fort up a series of underground tunnels.

Back in the car we drove to the Col de Seille - the last before the Spanish border

Here we got splendid views back of the Canigou

Also of motorbikes and this Lotus enjoying the twisting mountain road.

Arriving back at the campsite we found that our gazebo had been demolished by a strong wind. Still, it should be retrievable as we have another wrecked one back home.