Day 9 - Collioure and the Cote Vermeille

Today we went to the seaside! We drove east to Collioure, favourite of impressionists like Matisse and the Fauvists.

It was a slow drive down the Tech valley, and after we joined the queue into Collioure we turned back and parked at the Park and Ride, which dropped us close to the town centre.

We walked down past the market to the harbour, from where there are views all around the bay, including the Chateau Royal.

There was lots of action on the water.

Most of us went on a tour of the Chateau, which was extensive and was both interesting and offered excellent views all around.

Trust the Ethels to find the comfy chairs!

For lunch we went to a Creperie with an interesting line in bar furniture.

After lunch we walked through the shops (well, some of the shops) and looked across the busy beach.

We returned to the cars and headed south through Banyuls-sur-Mer, Further south we (eventually) found our way down to a beach, where most of us swam.

After swimming we had a picnic tea on the beach - and the sun came back...

So we all tried Rosie's new sunglasses.

We then headed on south. along the twisting corniche road, taking the views, climbing to the Spanish border (slightly surprised at the size of the railway sidings at either end of the railway tunnel that joins the two countries) then down to Figueres and back up the Autopista to Le Boubou, and so back to bed!